Slightly Imperfect Backdrops

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At Bessie Bakes Backdrops we do our best to ensure that every backdrop is in perfect condition before it's shipped out to our customers.  We often have to hold back backdrops that have slight imperfections on them.  If we find scratches, scuffs, or dents on the front or back of the surface, we set them aside because we don't want to charge full price for these surfaces.

Now we are creating "Slightly Imperfect" backdrop packs to sell to our customers at a big discount!  When you order these packs, we will personally ship them out to you ourselves.  We currently only sell our backdrops on Amazon and they fulfill all of our orders, but these imperfect backdrops will be shipped to you from our facility just outside of Nashville, TN.  All of the surfaces are in excellent condition to photograph and you may not even see the imperfections in camera at all.  The more noticeable the imperfection is on the front side (the side you shoot on), the bigger the discount.

These imperfect backdrop packs are currently only available on our site (not through Amazon).

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