White Surfaces

Simple white photography backdrops are versatile because the neutral look goes with everything!  The subtle & beautiful texture of these backdrops lend something extra to a simple white surface.

Please note:  We are in the process of updating our website to send all of our customers to our Amazon store page to purchase our backdrops to help us streamline customer service and shipping.  Although our storefront is still open, please purchase our backdrops from Amazon rather than this website.

Find our white surfaces on Amazon here:

  1. White Chipped Paint (lightweight physical backdrop)
  2. Simple White Textured (lightweight physical backdrop)
  3. Marble Backdrop (lightweight physical backdrop)
  4. White Concrete (lightweight physical backdrop)
  5. Simple White Wood (lightweight physical backdrop)
  6. Whitewashed Wood (lightweight physical backdrop)
  7. Creamy White Tile (lightweight physical backdrop)
  8. White Plaster (lightweight physical backdrop)


  1. Super-thin & Pliable versions of the white styles