Tile Surfaces

From subway tile backsplashes to unique pieces of various tiles, our 2 ft x 3 ft come in lightweight physical boards and super-thin & pliable material.  They are made for food & product photography and are easy to wipe clean and moisture-resistant.  They can easily stand up to be used as a photography backdrop wall behind your scene as well.

Please note:  We are in the process of updating our website to send all of our customers to our Amazon store page to purchase our backdrops to help us streamline customer service and shipping.  Although our storefront is still open, please purchase our backdrops from Amazon rather than this website.

You can find the entire collection of faux tile surfaces on Amazon here:

Lightweight physical Tile backdrops

Super-thin & Pliable Tile backdrops

20 x 20 Subway Tile Backdrop