International Shipping

We genuinely appreciate the enthusiasm for our products from all of our customers, but at this time we do not offer international shipping due to the large size of our backdrops.  All of our backdrops are shipped flat (even the super-thin material to avoid warping) and this dramatically increases the cost of shipping, especially for international packages.

We also ask that international customers do not use third party shipping carriers to have their packages shipped to them because these shipping carriers refuse to work with us to ensure that any shipping errors or damages can be handled before the packages leave the U.S.  The risk of damages also increases when packages are shipped overseas.

This adds major expenses and losses on our part due to shipping costs and import fees. 

Another major issue is that Amazon fulfills all of our orders so most often the backdrops will arrive in different packages.  Third party shipping carriers refuse to consolidate the backdrops which causes customers to have to pay separate import fees for each backdrop.

Due to shipping carriers refusing to work with us to show errors or damages during shipping before they leave the U.S., we do not issue refunds once a package has left the United States.

If we see that an order has been placed with an address to a third party shipping carrier, we will immediately cancel the order and issue a full refund so that we avoid any potential issues.

If you are still interested in international shipping we recommend purchasing our backdrops directly from Amazon to see what the import fees will be, but you will often run into the high cost of import fees, so please be aware of that.